The Dojang

Grandmaster Chae Song Mun

Master Mun founded ATC with the vision of providing school-aged children and adults of all ages a firm foundation in the mental, physical and ethical standards of Taekwondo. His goal is to create not only superior athletes, but responsible adults who live according to the tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance and self-control. While his rank and experience would qualify him to make a career of coaching already accomplished university athletes, Grand Master Mun has instead dedicated himself to a program of high-quality education for people of all ages...

All of our instructors are Kukkiwon certified black belts and have been certified in CPR and First Aid. Our instructors have been hand picked and personally trained by Grand Master Mun. Each instructor brings a special element to the school and the students benefit by picking up on the best from each instructor. We take pride in the quality of our instruction. Most importantly, our instructors are caring professionals who choose to be here because of their love and passion for the martial art.

ATC has the finest reputation for producing top quality martial artists by providing a consistently high level of instruction. We emphasize a balance of physical, spiritual and mental development, which produces well-rounded students. The emphasis of our program is on developing discipline and courtesy. Respect is a vital aspect of Taekwondo and we encourge each student to show proper respect to their parents, elders, teachers and instructors.

We have produced many State, National and World Champions in the sport aspect of Taekwondo as well. We have our instructor Mr. Jacob Grace, who is the 2012 and 2016 U.S. National Team Member and represents ATC and the United States around the world at many high-level competitions. His goal is to one day make it to the Olympic Games.

Our motto: “Building Champions in Life,” is how we approach our instruction. We strive to achieve this goal by helping each of our students realize their full potential in any endeavor in life. To strive for a goal and to achieve it, regardless of the difficulties they may face.